Download mSupply Mobile

All mobile releases are available for download on GitHub

Version History Summary

Detailed release notes with more comprehensive feature/bug lists are available on GitHub on the download link above. A high-level summary has been included here for those looking for a quick reference guide on when major features were introduced to mSupply mobile.

Release Notes/Download Link Release Date Key Major Features
v8.0.0 01/04/2021 Vaccine dispensing, adverse drug reactions, configurable logout/sync interval
v7.0.0 16/03/2021 Cold chain monitoring in mobile
v6.0.0 27/11/2020 Program based customer requisitions
v5.0.0 12/05/2020 Dispensing enhancements, improved multilingual support

Please refer to the what is mSupply mobile page for details on version compatibility between mSupply Desktop and mSupply mobile.

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